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Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally, Sun Spot Relief

I hate sun spots and I'm discovering more of them all the time, especially on my arms and decolletage.

This past week I had my skin analyzed and it was not surprising that there are more of these invaders lurking just below the surface. What was amazing was HOW MANY!

I haven't been able to convince myself yet to take the plunge and have a laser treatment but down the road it might be the best option for me. For now I am happy to say that I have discovered an interim solution in the form of a spot lightening treatment that is really helping.

I was making real progress on the sun spot battlefield this spring when I started using 

One of the best things about this product, other than it works, is that it doesn't contain any hydroquinone - an ingredient that is a possible carcinogen and is banned in many countries but still allowed in the United States.

Within a couple of weeks of using this product I could see a noticeable improvement. If I stop using the product they reappear so I guess this will be life long maintenance for me. When I started getting spray on tans a month or so ago I noticed that they were re-emerging. So now, I am putting a bit of moisturizer on the damage spots before my tan to protect those areas from additional color which seems to be helping.

Girlfriends need to share what works and this is the best product I have found yet without going to the medical spa or dermatologist.

Sunscreen and this anti-dalmatian creme are my solutions for a prettier summer.

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