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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekend Wear - A September Fundraiser

It can be a bit challenging knowing how to dress in late September. It might be a chilly sixty degrees or a balmy ninety. We have a fundraiser to attend this weekend and I really didn't want to splurge on another cocktail dress right now so I decided to shop my own closet.

I had a shorter black tulle skirt that I bought over a year ago, on sale, for just such an occasion and I still haven't worn it. Roll out the skirt. I also have a sleeveless metallic black turtleneck that must be ten years old. I'm pretty sure it is from Banana Republic. My daughter loves and has borrowed it numerous times too. It is such an easy to wear, packable and flattering piece. We have both said we wish we could buy it again.

Add in a bit of bling at the waist, a sparkling earring and a favorite Valentino shoe that I wear every chance I get to justify what I spent on them. I am one of those girls that keeps track of how much I spent for something and roughly how many times I have worn it. I do the math to figure out my cost per wearing. As Girl Code would say, "Is that weird"?

Complete the look with my Channel brooch, (the one I bought in NYC when I just couldn't take the plunge and buy the whole necklace) and you have my high end/low end compilation for a charity fundraiser.

September Fundraiser

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