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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekend Wear - A September Fundraiser

It can be a bit challenging knowing how to dress in late September. It might be a chilly sixty degrees or a balmy ninety. We have a fundraiser to attend this weekend and I really didn't want to splurge on another cocktail dress right now so I decided to shop my own closet.

I had a shorter black tulle skirt that I bought over a year ago, on sale, for just such an occasion and I still haven't worn it. Roll out the skirt. I also have a sleeveless metallic black turtleneck that must be ten years old. I'm pretty sure it is from Banana Republic. My daughter loves and has borrowed it numerous times too. It is such an easy to wear, packable and flattering piece. We have both said we wish we could buy it again.

Add in a bit of bling at the waist, a sparkling earring and a favorite Valentino shoe that I wear every chance I get to justify what I spent on them. I am one of those girls that keeps track of how much I spent for something and roughly how many times I have worn it. I do the math to figure out my cost per wearing. As Girl Code would say, "Is that weird"?

Complete the look with my Channel brooch, (the one I bought in NYC when I just couldn't take the plunge and buy the whole necklace) and you have my high end/low end compilation for a charity fundraiser.

September Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trending Tuesday - Black Stretchy Headbands

Black stretchy headbands.

I wore them in elementary school. Actually I had one in almost every color.

Sometimes I still wear one when I'm working out or washing my face.

The thing is, this humble accessory is busting out of the bathroom and once again making a fashion statement.


 Balenciaga, Valentino, and Nina Ricci all sent them down the runway.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

Pink Tartan

Hollywood is donning them.

Amy Adams

Victoria Beckham

So why not us? 

They work with short hair

Halleband via Etsy

or long.

They can be worn above the ear and on top of the hair,


over the ear and under a bun,

SWAK Couture via Etsy

or, if you are feeling particularly hip then wear one across the forehead. 70's style.


What a perfect solution for those growing out their bangs, bad hair, or windy days.


This may be the least amount of money you have spent on a stylish accessory in years!


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Untucked Tucked Look

I am obsessed with Who What Wear and I devour their daily updates.

Today, when I opened up my emails, they were showing variations of what I like to call the untucked tucked look.


I didn't want you to miss it.

Check out this fun and easy to emulate trend here.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trending Tuesday - Snow Leopard

Classic or Snow Leopard

Leopard print isn't anything new but it continues to trend well this fall. What is new is this snow leopard version. Look to this lighter whiter color for a fresh twist on a tried and true classic.


Sir Alistair

angora glove via

An accent of leopard is a fabulous way to give a saucy edge to your look and the camel/brown/black color palette is still a timeless classic.

So how do you incorporate this exotic design into your wardrobe? I prefer touches here or there to large doses.

Here are some options in the warmer tones.

Think about adding some pop with an ankle boot,


a belt,

a ballet flat,

Kate Spade

or the pointed toe version.

Pac Sun

If you're feeling totally glam then opt for the heel.

It doesn't get much sexier than that.

A leopard print handbag is a classic.

The must 


or the lust.

This sweater with a black pant or pencil skirt... tres chic.

Feeling a bit timid about this feline pattern? 

Start small. Sunglasses

AJ Morgan

or a ball cap.
Forever 21

Traditional or snow leopard. This is a look that is timeless and always age appropriate.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Style - Game Day

Saturday Style

Saturdays in the fall are synonymous with football and it is a great excuse to flaunt your favorite team colors. I live in Hawk Country but you could personalize this look to represent your own loyal leanings.

A go to look for me is a pair of favorite jeans. These flared faded denim jeans from AG are more fitted through the leg but flared below the knee which makes the thigh look thinner. Gotta love that.
After all these years I have mastered all of these fool the eye tricks. 
Another ploy I use is to layer a cropped tee over a longer tee or tank top. 
The tank top pulled down over the jeans is elongating while the cropped tee is cut boxier and fuller. It stands away from the body which makes our waists and hips look just that much smaller. Try it. It works.

I bought my jeans from Bergdorf's this summer but you can find them HERE

The crop top is from TJ Maxx

The Hawkeye earrings can be purchased through Amazon

and the cell phone cover is through Rakuten

Happy shopping.

Happy Saturday

Friday, September 13, 2013

Shoe Week - D'Orsay Shoes



 Definition: A d'orsay style pump is a woman's shoe in which the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are cut away, revealing the arch of the foot.


Now you know what they are

 And here are a dozen reasons while you will want to be adding at least one pair to your fall wish list.

Sexy, high, low, or in-between.

inspired by menswear but somehow incredibly feminine.

 Urban Outfitters

Jenni Kayne

The perfect shoe for a wider foot.


Manolo Blahnik

Jessica Simpson

 Steve Madden
 Sam Edelman


Ivanka Trump

Chinese Laundry

A modern touch with a 50's chic nostalgia. 

You will knock it out of the park with this look. Flaunt them with a slim ankle pant when running errands, with a skirt while meeting a client, or pair them up with a skinny jean for Saturday morning coffee. This is the shoe that will take you everywhere...until it snows that is.