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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Denim, Your Transitioning Staple For Fall

September. The month that can take us from still steamy days and sultry nights to crisp  mornings and invigorating evenings and then back again.

It's hot. It's cold. It's constantly changing. So what's a woman to wear?

Denim is the ubiquitous staple that can help us transition along with the temperature changes.

For starters a that simple denim vest that was just TOO HOT to wear a couple of weeks ago might layer nicely over any tank top or dress to bring it down a few formality notches.

A vest like this is perfect with a maxi skirt or a colored jean and a  tee. 

I'm usually not a fan of denim skirts. I still have flashbacks of the long acid washed Ralph Lauren skirt  I wore for almost two years straight back in the 90's. I loved it then but it makes me cringe a bit now.

This inverted pleated number, though, from style icon Victoria Beckham proves that fashion is cyclical and even the overdone can look fresh again. Let's face it. If Victoria is doing it then we're going to look good.


Work it with a flat pointed toe skimmer and a tailored shirt. Add a scarf at the neck or in your hair for some added polish. It could be great with a graphic tee and a boat shoe for a fun weekend look.

If you're feeling a bit edgier then team it up with an ankle boot and a jacket.

This denim dress from Soft Surroundings could be worn with a flat sandal or deck shoe early in the month and then paired with a legging and a boot when it gets cool enough to start layering.

Finally a must have in every woman's wardrobe is a denim jacket.

A favorite of mine this season is this moto version from The Gap.

Afraid to rock it with some skinny jeans?

Layer your jacket over a long white shirt the falls below the hips.
This longer length conceals but also gives the illusion of height.

Wear your jacket over a maxi dress, with a pair of skinny black jeans or colored twills. 

Dial up your denim with leopard print, heels, or both.

Feel like your skirts are just hanging in the closet all forlorn and ignored?
Pair them with a denim jacket and flaunt your new wardrobe options.

Denim just might be your new black for fall.

Happy shopping.


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1 comment:

  1. I'm on the look out for a denim jacket. I had one a few years back but my baby (that is now 6) pooped on it so I threw it away. STUPID ME!

    I do have a army green denim that I've paired with a coral maxi. LOVE!