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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Style - Game Day

Saturday Style

Saturdays in the fall are synonymous with football and it is a great excuse to flaunt your favorite team colors. I live in Hawk Country but you could personalize this look to represent your own loyal leanings.

A go to look for me is a pair of favorite jeans. These flared faded denim jeans from AG are more fitted through the leg but flared below the knee which makes the thigh look thinner. Gotta love that.
After all these years I have mastered all of these fool the eye tricks. 
Another ploy I use is to layer a cropped tee over a longer tee or tank top. 
The tank top pulled down over the jeans is elongating while the cropped tee is cut boxier and fuller. It stands away from the body which makes our waists and hips look just that much smaller. Try it. It works.

I bought my jeans from Bergdorf's this summer but you can find them HERE

The crop top is from TJ Maxx

The Hawkeye earrings can be purchased through Amazon

and the cell phone cover is through Rakuten

Happy shopping.

Happy Saturday

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  1. I love the jeans. I need a new pair, especially for chill around the house football days!